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By C. Bogle, Contributor Tuesday, August 24th 2010 is a big day in the world of home equity. Reports from all media outlets swarm the public not unlike ants upon their Queen Bee’s own domestic settlement. Home values plummeted in July. WSJ sums this up nicely.

What You Need To Know About Home Equity Lines Of Credit Home equity is one of the things that can really help you with a purchase you have been dying to get, or if you are just hard up on cash so that you can get rid of some of your immediate debts.  Home equity […]

Don’t Become a Victim of Home Equity Loan Scams, by Home Equity Loans Editor There are so many ways that lenders can make a fool out of you and take away your money as well as your home with the different home equity loan scams that they have up their sleeves. Although it is not […]

Home Equity and Your Individual Need | Written by Jessica | Home Equity Loans Since home equity is basically the value of your home and the amount of money that you have invested to pay against it, it is important for borrowers of home equity loans to remember that their loans are secured by their […]

Home Equity Loan and Credit Insight, by Home Equity Loans Editor Borrowing against your house may be a good thing if you are looking to get some money to pay off a debt or pay for college  BUT borrowing against your house in the form of a home equity loan mortgage means that you will […]

Finding the Best Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit When you speak of home equity, it is important to know exactly what the term ‘home equity’ really is. Home equity refers to the difference between the fair market value of your home and the mortgage balance that is left on your house.

NEW Article by Home Equity Loans site titled Home Equity and What It Really Is Before getting a home equity loan, it is vital for you to know the basics about what home equity is and why people avail of it. Basically, home equity is the value of your home and the money that you […]

Just a few Common Home Equity Loan Scams to avoid For homeowners who have a large equity on their homes already – it is best that you beware of some of the biggest swindles that many lenders can pull on you. There are so many scams nowadays that involve home equity loans that many people […]

How to Get the Best from your Home Equity – By: Editor, Home Equity Loans Your home is one of your best possessions. It most probably is your biggest asset and is the one you love most. It is possible that you purchased your house just after your marriage. When any couple buys a house […]

Home Equity Loan April 2010 Lender Spotlights By Home Equity Loans We have put together a list of Three more trustworthy lenders, banks and companies offering home equity loan offers and Home Equity line of Credit (HELOC) to consumers during this recession … or is it a depression our whatever the economy is in? Before […]