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Home Equity Loans in Financial Aid Packages By Financial writer Victor Alvarez An unfortunate reality is Federal financial aid has not grown in par with rising costs and fees of attending college. Gallup reports Families Digging Deeper to Invest in Rising Cost of College* – In 2009-2010 our own blind study showed 18 percent** of […]

Home Equity Loan and Credit Insight, by Home Equity Loans Editor Borrowing against your house may be a good thing if you are looking to get some money to pay off a debt or pay for college  BUT borrowing against your house in the form of a home equity loan mortgage means that you will […]

Finding the Best Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit When you speak of home equity, it is important to know exactly what the term ‘home equity’ really is. Home equity refers to the difference between the fair market value of your home and the mortgage balance that is left on your house.

NEW Article by Home Equity Loans site titled Home Equity and What It Really Is Before getting a home equity loan, it is vital for you to know the basics about what home equity is and why people avail of it. Basically, home equity is the value of your home and the money that you […]

Home Equity Lines of Credit: The Good and the Bad ; By Home Equity Loans Editor When you get a home equity loan, there are two types that you can avail of: a home equity line of credit or a bulk home equity loan. The difference between the two is that the home equity loan […]